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Upgrade alert! New StoreLab features have arrived

Find out what's new in our latest app update, which includes grouped collections and filters. Check out all of the freshly launched features and integrations to enrich your online store today

Your e-commerce store is ready to have a mobile app – Here's why

Wondering how you can take a step further and be a part of the future of retail, transforming your business and staying ahead of the competition? The answer is quite simple: having your own mobile app. Have a look at why!

How to turn a one-time buyer into a lifetime customer

Are you looking for ways to increase customer retention? Our experts have put together a list of the top 6 strategies to turn first-time buyers into lifelong customers. Plus, find out how a mobile app can help

Using FOMO to Create a Successful Marketing Strategy

In the social media era, the "fear of missing out" is a powerful psychological phenomenon that can be harnessed to boost sales and encourage customers to make purchases. Learn how to add this tactic to your marketing plan