Live Workshop with a Shopify Partner:
Wednesday at 11am BST

9.3x More Purchases & 2x Average Order Value

Why your business needs a no-code mobile app

Thousands of small and medium sized businesses have rapidly grown their business with a no-code mobile app.

Just like Edbia, the co-founder of Airebil Apparel, who saw 9.3x more purchases from her mobile app compared to her website.

And Mike’s Dive Store, who saw their average order value double after building their own mobile app.

We’ve made it so that mobile apps aren’t just for the big business. In this workshop, you’ll find how you can use an accessible, no-code mobile app builder to drive consistent customer engagement, sales, and profit - for a much lower cost than you think.

The average smartphone user spends 250 minutes a day on their phone. 227 (91%) of those minutes are spent in apps, whilst just 23 minutes (9%) are spent using a mobile browser. That means for every 1 minute spent in browser, around 10 minutes are spent in apps.

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  • How no-code app builders are the future of e-commerce (particularly for SMEs)
  • Why push notifications are undeniably better at converting than email and SMS marketing (15x better!)
  • How mobile apps have driven an 111x return, increased average order value by over 2x, and had a 9x higher likelihood for sales

About your host

Campbell Paton


Campbell Paton is the co-founder and CEO of StoreLab, the no-code app builder for Shopify stores. His passions include an (un)healthy obsession with app commerce, digital marketing, music, and MMA.

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