21 Shopify Apps to Increase Sales [2024]

We’ve created this guide to talk you through 21 of the top Shopify apps that will benefit your online store and drive sales.

21 Shopify Apps to Increase Sales [2024]

The Shopify app store hosts thousands of apps that you can use to customise your store, improve your marketing, generate leads, create customer rewards, and increase revenue, all with the goal of boosting your sales.

But with such a wide range of choice, it can be hard to know which is the best mobile app for your individual Shopify store. 

We’ve created this guide to talk you through 21 of the top Shopify apps that will benefit your online store and drive sales, from mobile app and ecommerce page builders, to marketing and automation apps. 

Let’s dive in…

StoreLab Shopify Mobile App

1 - StoreLab

79% of traffic to Shopify stores comes from a mobile device, and mobile apps convert 3x better than mobile websites. By creating a mobile app for your Shopify store, you’re generating a whole lot more sales. 

StoreLab is an intuitive, Shopify mobile app builder that allows you to launch a mobile app for your store in as little as 2 weeks, giving you the same power as some of the biggest brands. 

The benefit of a Shopify mobile app builder like StoreLab is that you can supercharge your mobile sales whilst also easily converting, retaining, and communicating with your customers. 

Key features:

- Maximise your Shopify store’s revenue with unlimited abandoned cart notifications. 70% of Shopify sales are lost to abandoned carts, but automatic push notifications can solve that, re-engaging customers to get them to convert. Included completely free no matter your plan. 

- Improve your customer experience by creating a high-converting Shopify mobile app for your store. Design your mobile app exactly how you want it, no coding needed - or let StoreLab do it for you. StoreLab’s mobile experts can manage your entire app process, building the perfect mobile experience for your customers. 

- StoreLab provides instant updates, meaning that you can make edits to your Shopify mobile app whenever you want and see the changes straight away. You can also use the handy preview feature to check that your design is perfect before making it live. 

- We know how much your business means to you, so we offer expert support to guide you through your Shopify mobile app journey. Our 5-star customer service team is always on hand to make sure you and your customers have the best possible experience. StoreLab also provides you with access to a range of articles, downloads, and videos to support your Shopify results, with more content published all the time.

Here at StoreLab, we believe that mobile apps should be accessible to businesses of all sizes, not just the biggest. This is why our product/service is paywall-free, which means that we’ll never make you pay extra for product features, push notifications, or integrations - no matter your plan.

To learn more about how you can turn your Shopify store into a mobile app, check out our guide. Alternatively, you can try our app for free, or talk to a member of our team for more information.

Source: StoreLab

Recharge Shopify Mobile App

2 - Recharge 

As a Shopify business, you may be looking for ways to maximise your LTV, but with so many different tools circulating, it’s tough to know how to improve, as well as what works best for your unique brand. 

ReCharge is a Shopify app that allows you to build seamless shopping journeys, helping you to understand, grow, and retain your customer base whilst increasing lifetime value. 

It gives you a suite of retention and growth tools to boost average order value, minimise churn, and encourage customers to come back again and again. These tools include:

  • Subscriptions; to grow and scale your recurring revenue stream
  • Loyalty programs; so that you can provide exclusive rewards, benefits, and experiences for your customers
  • Bundles; where you can sell curated product bundles or let shoppers customise their own
  • Flows; aimed at personalising customer journey and solving key scenarios, such as customer retention rates 

The benefit of having all of these programs located on one platform is that you can easily check what’s moving the needle for your business, allowing you to focus on exactly what works best for your customers. This way, you’ll have all the information you need to effectively optimise your offerings, and provide the best experience for your customers.

Key features:

- Unified data & insights. ReCharge allows you to look at all of your website’s data as a whole, so you can quickly identify your most valuable customers, offers, programs and incentives. This means that you can use the features to more effectively assess the health of your business and identify successful ways to drive sales and LTV. 

- Built-in testing and optimisation. Not only does ReCharge give you insights into what you need to do, it also provides tools to help you to do so. This way, you’ll have both the ability and resources to create segmented and personalised shopper journeys based on your subscriber and customer data. 

Designed to maximise the value of your customers, ReCharge is a very effective and highly rated subscription management solution that helps brands turn one-off purchases into repeat business. 

Source: ReCharge


3 - AfterShip

A customer’s post-purchase experience is just as important as their onsite journey. In fact, a recent study proved that excellent, hassle-free return policies can bring back 96% of buyers, turning them into repeat and loyal customers. 

AfterShip is one of the leading Shopify apps featuring an amazing customer support tool that simplifies order tracking and automated shipping notifications for both you and those shopping on your site. 

The app adds an easy-to-use returns portal directly to your online store, providing a place for customers to place or log returns or exchanges without too much fuss. AfterShip also gives you a returns management platform where you can both track and manage all of your returns in one place. 

Key features:

- The expert shipping management platform automatically facilitates fulfilment, reduces costs, and simplifies shipment management for all of your carriers. This means that all of your prepaid shipping instructions that need to be included with your orders are automatically generated.  

- AfterShip’s shipment tracking software enables proactive and automated delivery updates and notifications so that your customers can stay up-to-date throughout the delivery process. 

- The app supports three types of payment resolutions to fit your customers’ different needs and preferences. These include refunds, store credit/gift cards, and exchanges. 

Sparking loyalty and engagement with your customers after their purchase is an effective way to increase your customer retention rates and keep them coming back to make more sales in the future. 

Source: AfterShip

Yotpo Shopify Mobile App

4 - Yotpo

As an app integration for your Shopify store, Yotpo provides all of the essential building blocks to create ‘customers for life’ all in one place. This includes reviews, SMS, email, loyalty, referrals, subscriptions, and more.

All of these unified, data-driven solutions can help your brand consistently deliver the best customer experience possible to drive growth and retention.

Key features:

- With the majority of consumers shopping on mobile, it’s important to utilise SMS. Yotpo’s SMSBump allows you to craft targeted SMS campaigns that start driving sales in just a few clicks and create your highest revenue channel with personalised text messages that convert.

- Built for Shopify, Yotpo has an intuitive subscription management solution that makes it easy for eCommerce brands to grow recurring revenue and increase lifetime value by adding a subscription offering.

- Use one of the industry’s smartest review solutions to generate authentic reviews that make a difference, and display them where they’re most impactful to your website visitors. 

- Build customised loyalty and referral programs to engage existing customers and reach new ones. This way, you can reward your most loyal customers with membership benefits and perks. 

Yotpo puts all your retention solutions on one platform, so you can create seamless post-purchase journeys tailored to each customer and track performance. This allows you to see what drives your retention forward, and take action to optimise. 

Source: Yotpo

Gorgias Shopify Mobile App

5 - Gorgias 

The best Shopify merchants grow through exceptional customer service, and Gorgias is the ecommerce help desk that's aimed at turning your customer service into a profit centre. 

Whether you’re interacting with your customers through email, social media, live chat, SMS, or Whatsapp, Gorgias can empower your support teams to answer customer questions in minutes, not days. 

You also have the opportunity to give visitors a personalised shopping experience, no matter the time, or where in the world they’re located. 

Key features:

- Centralise all your support tickets in one place so that you can have all of your customer’s data displayed when talking to them. This means that you can edit orders, modify subscriptions, and refund payments without having to leave your helpdesk. 

- Unlock sales from support via live chat, text, and social media. Customers won’t always be on your website, so this feature allows you to track all sales generated by support agents over text messages, social media answers, and live chat conversations on your website. 

- Automate repetitive tasks to spend more time where it counts. From automating tasks like cutting and pasting commonly asked questions, to fully automating and closing out tickets, Gorgias software means that your support team will spend less time looking busy, and more time talking to customers. 

The goal of Gorgias’ customer service platform is to increase your Shopify stores’ conversion rate by turning visitors into shoppers through an unmatched customer experience. 

Source: Gorgias

Lucky Orange Shopify Mobile App

6 - Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange offers 9 powerful features that you can use to learn more about your website visitors. Therefore, you can spend less time on number and data crunching, and more time growing your business. 

This app integrates seamlessly with Shopify, helping you to improve your site’s conversion rates with a unique selection of tools. 

The Lucky Orange dashboard gives you all the data you need to back up your decisions. This means that you can optimise your Shopify store confidently to improve your products and services based on true customer needs. When you deliver them in a way that people keep coming back, you not only build loyalty, you increase sales. 

Key features:

- Record all user sessions and filter what you want to watch or track based on what matters most to your brand, including the events timeline, visitor profiles, and idle time. This allows you to see firsthand where visitors click, how they complete forms, and the pages that they spend the most time interacting with. 

- Interview your website visitors using the survey builder to gain real, honest feedback about your website, products, services, or ideas. This feature includes flexible question forms to meet your research needs, including multiple-choice, rating, like or dislike, and open-ended.

- Use the chat feature and its collaboration tools to deliver unmatched customer support.

- The Lucky Orange dashboard keeps you focused on the customer data that matters. Track metrics such as funnel behaviour, traffic source analysis, chat ratings, live visitor snapshots, email reports, top pages, and so much more.

- Find out why people are abandoning your forms using Lucky Orange Form Analytics. Identify problem areas with six unique reports and find out what you can do to drive more conversions with better forms. 

- Spot areas where you’re losing visitors throughout their journey on your site using the conversion funnel analysis tool.

- Let visitors know what’s up by sharing important news or promotions using the announcement feature. Build announcements that get the right people’s attention and split them into three categories to keep things tidy: offers and promotions, education and events, and news and updates.

- See which parts of your website pages are driving the most conversions with dynamic heatmaps, where you can study clicks and scrolls around forms, pop-ups, and menus. You can dive deep into the performance of your pages’ elements and see which type of website visitors behave differently.

- Look inside visitor profiles to see the entire history of their experience, as well as a complete record of their interactions with your site. This way, you can find and learn about the right visitors who meet specific criteria like traffic source or cart value.

One of the best ways to improve your customer experience to help boost sales is to understand your customers on every level. The Lucky Orange software can help you to do so. 

Source: Lucky Orange

Referral Candy Shopify Store App

7 - Referral Candy 

Over 90% of shoppers ask their friends and family about product recommendations, so you need to find the right tool to help you convert your customers into ambassadors of your brand. 

With referral candy, you can create post-purchase pop-ups and emails that invite your existing customers to send referral links to their contacts, earning rewards for doing so. 

Motivated by these rewards, such as special discount codes or money off the next purchase, your customers will happily spread the word about your brand, which will bring you new conversions. 

Key features:

- Customise and automate your customer rewards for referring customers and referred friends, choosing from store discounts, cash payouts, and custom rewards.

- Gain even more marketing value by connecting to your marketing apps to give you more insights on customers, sales, and traffic. This includes integrations with Klaviyo, Mailchimp, and more.

- Make use of the fully customisable branding option, where you can customise your emails, pages, and referral program with your logo, images, and brand colours. 

Word-of-mouth marketing is a simple, but effective way to grow your sales. Just reward your customers for referrals and watch the sales and shares roll in.

Source: Referral Candy

EComposer Shopify Mobile App

8 - EComposer

EComposer is the next-generation page builder that you need to create stunning pages for your Shopify store fast and easily, with zero code. 

It helps Shopify merchants, like you, to create any page type or section, fast and simply, using a live drag-and-drop editor. This includes your support landing page, home page, collection pages, product, blog page, cart page, footer, coming soon page, 404, and any theme section. 

As a no-code app for your Shopify store, EComposer offers 100+ page templates and 260+ section layouts so that you can quickly get started, put your pages live, and wait for traffic and sales to come pouring in. 

Key features:

- Use EComposer’s powerful editor to easily configure your Shopify store page designs. Each element includes numerous design options to help you create sections all on your own. 

- EComposer comes with 20+ built-in extensions to boost sales and save you a lot of unnecessary time and cost that’s associated with using third-party apps. 

- The section builder feature is a great tool if you’re looking to build a specific section that your theme doesn’t support. This is because you’re able to create whatever you want to do in EComposer, and then insert it into your default theme, in just a few, simple clicks. 

- Make use of the powerful built-in analytics to track the pages that you’ve created using the EComposer builder. Then, you can gain a better understanding of page performance, and what’s driving the most or least sales, seeing where exactly you need to improve. 

Source: EComposer

OptiMonk Shopify Mobile App

9 - Optimonk

As one of the leading digital marketing tools, Optimonk is on a mission to personalise the world of ecommerce, leaving a big mark in the industry. Its ability to personalise customer experience to increase conversions has been a game-changer for many small-medium sized businesses.

Every brand deserves the best tools to provide personalised experiences, and the goal of Optimonk is to empower the average online Shopify business with ‘Amazon-like superpowers’.

By delivering the right message to the right person at the right time, Optimonk’s easy-to-implement solutions have allowed companies to build their customer list, stop abandonment, grow AOV, boost PPC, and increase sales.

Key features: 

- A revolutionary popup builder to create unique messages that your customers will love, including smart welcome, conversational, lucky wheel, and Ebook popups. 

- Create shopping experiences that adapt to individual shoppers with Optimonk’s no-code editor, not featuring an AI tool. Every segment of your audience gets a unique experience with tailor-made campaign variations, messages, visuals, and store layouts to suit their individual preferences. 

- Maximise conversions with quick and easy A/B testing, and launch new experiments in seconds to find the best headlines, offers or combinations of messages for the pages on your website. 

With its advanced analytics, user-friendly interface, and expert support team, Optimonk is a great app for Shopify store owners looking to fine-tune their online campaigns. 

Source: Optimonk

Veeqo Shopify Mobile App

10 - Veeqo 

Veeqo is a little different from the other Shopify apps we’ve listed in the article. 

It doesn’t directly affect your sales, instead, it makes it easy for you to handle the logistical and backend side of running a website, so that you can spend more time driving sales.

You can use it to pick, pack, and your orders, and even to process returns and keep track of your inventory.

Key features:

- Automatically update your inventory levels by putting them on Veeqo’s auto-pilot feature across your Shopify store.

- Efficiently track your inventory across many of your different stores and locations by tracking, receiving, transferring, and reconciling stock in one place. 

- Maximise your sales and profits with powerful demand forecasting and reporting tools. 

The Veeqo Shopify app is one of the best as it offers enterprise-level software and inventory management without the price tag. 

Source: Veeqo

RetentionX Shopify Mobile App

11 - RetentionX

According to Salesforce research, 66% of consumers expect companies to understand their unique needs and expectations. 

But to do this, you need a way to find out information about the way that they interact with your site and its offerings. 

Fortunately, in today’s data-driven world, customers share their preferences, needs, and wants every time they interact with a brand. All you need to do is find the right platform that will allow you to centralise your customer data. 

RetentionX is a Shopify app integration aimed at granting businesses access to a customer intelligence platform. It means that Shopify store owners, like you, can more effectively put customers at the centre of their brand. 

The platform allows you to collect and analyse consumer data, as well as get insights into the specific actions to take to improve your customer experience.

Key features:

- Unify your data into a trusted, golden record for each customer. Each record is a building block that helps you understand the drivers of your business.

- RetentionX is known for its powerful analytics and segmentation capabilities. These essential tools lead you to instant insights, such as churn rate, LTV, segment, and a suggested product recommendation for each specific customer. 

- RetentionX’s AI tool can recognise behaviour patterns, anticipate what you should do next for your website and customers, and the direct impact on revenue from this. This helps to put actionable insights into the hands of your team to implement winning strategies.

- Bring insights to life with automated workflows by creating synced audiences on your favourite marketing platforms and optimise the customer journey. 

RetentionX is a great way to better understand your customers so that you can implement best practices to turn them into loyal and repeat buyers. 

Source: RetentionX

12 - Dash

Dash is a digital asset management tool for ecommerce brands. It’s a place for you to store, organise, search, and share your images and videos.

Just think of all the product images, social content, UGC, and brand graphics you use. You’re probably using all of this on your Shopify store, as well as across your marketing channels. With Dash, you can keep everything in one place and drag and drop content directly in your Shopify product pages and CMS. The quicker you can get content into your store, the faster you can launch new products and new campaigns.

Key features:

- Dash lets you search the content of your images and videos. You can type a keyword into the search bar, and it’ll scan all your visuals to find relevant results. You can also narrow down your search using filters and tags.

- Crop and resize images and videos to match the requirements of your marketing channels. Perfect for getting videos ready for social media, or images resized for your Shopify store.

- Get content creators to send you images using Dash’s guest upload link. You can then drag and drop this content directly into Shopify product pages and blog posts.

- Give feedback and approve assets uploaded to your Dash. This way you’ll always have the most up-to-date and brand-approved content ready to send out to your channels.

- Create public portals for your retailers, distributors and agencies. By giving them access to your brand’s assets, they can help you sell more products.

- Starts at £79/$109 per month - you get access to all features and unlimited users.

Source: Dash

Sixads Shopify Mobile App

13 - Sixads

Sixads is a Shopify app integration that runs high-performing Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads for you. 

With no expertise needed, it’s quick and easy to set up, enabling you to create and launch your advertising campaigns from one, central location. 

Before you know it, you’ll have put your products in front of millions of shoppers who want to buy what you sell, accelerating your sales. 

Simply add the sixads app to your Shopify store, select the products you want to advertise, approve personalised ad visuals, targeting, and texts, and then start selling. 

Key features:

- Save money with automated ad management. When a product in your store runs out, sixads automatically stops corresponding ads so that none of your budget is blown. And if your product prices, images, titles, or descriptions change, your ads are instantly updated. 

- Drive profits with targeted ads. Sixads analytics tools track your Shopify store visitors and their every move so that you can target your ads to the right audience. Then, algorithms target this target audience with a series of your ads, until they convert. 

- Run your paid ads like a pro. The sixads analytics tool also shows you which ads are selling better on Facebook, so that you can choose to scale only your best-performing ads, and limit or stop running ads that aren’t performing well. 

Sixads is one of the best apps for your Shopify store, as it will work to start driving traffic to your website in minutes. 

Source: sixads

Videowise Shopify Mobile App

14 - Videowise

Videowise is an all-in-one, commerce-centric video solution designed for scale and performance. You can create interactive, shoppable videos and video quiz experiences to uplift site engagement and conversions. 

Videowise allows you to save time with a bulk video embed feature, as well as providing you with a simple tracking of video performance with advanced analytics so that you can quickly see what’s working. 

Key features:

- Add on-site, shoppable videos using Videowise’s drag-and-drop editing tools to match your brand. This feature allows you to create premium-designed video widget themes that are brandable, swipeable, and responsive for any device or screen size.

- Effortlessly track video performance using the advanced analytics tool. This will help you to uplift conversions with deep video performance insights.

- Upload or import your videos from TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, and turn any video or story shoppable with secure and generous video hosting that has automated compression and processing, as well as no duration limits. 

Videowise offers up to 5x faster loading times compared to traditional video platforms as it’s built specifically for ecommerce platforms. 

This responsive and adaptive design means that the platform is extremely SEO friendly, driving more traffic to your Shopify store and effectively, boosting your sales. 

Source: Videowise

Gameball Shopify Mobile App

15 - Gameball

Gameball is a revolutionary marketing tool built to replace all of your traditional tools with the broadest range of features. It’s designed to keep your customers engaged, valued, and happy, turning them into repeat customers. 

Gameball has the aim of empowering mobile-first experiences, providing website owners with gamified loyalty programs that are designed to retain and grow their customer base. 

Key features:

- You can bring together gamification and loyalty techniques, such as cashback systems, giveaways, store credit, discounts, and referral links to reward your customers. What makes Gameball’s loyalty rewards program so unique is that you can use levels and tiers to increase engagement, offer exciting incentives, and recognise your VIP customers.

- Gameball is the ‘ultimate communication wingman’ for your Shopify store, helping you to reach your customers in a way that’s personal, intuitive, and impactful. Whether it’s email, push notifications, or on your website, you can communicate with your customers wherever they are. You can also use their AI tool to have all of your communication written for you in seconds. 

- If you want to drive traffic to a certain location or channel, Gameball offers engagement campaigns built on store locations, purchase channels, or customer behaviour. This way, you can craft the perfect campaigns. 

Gameball is highly recommended and praised for boosting customer sign-ups, engagement, and sales by offering customisable rewards, referral tracking, and detailed analytics. It also integrates well with other apps and provides excellent customer service. 

Source: Gameball

Trustpluse Shopify Mobile App

16 - TrustPulse 

TrustPulse is an honest marketing platform that leverages and automates the real power of social proof to instantly increase trust, conversions, and sales. Essentially, this means that your existing subscribers and customers are doing the selling for you.

Leveraging the power of social proof can increase your online sales by up to 15%. TrustPulse provides you with all of the right tools to do this effectively, including purchase and analytics notifications, action messages, popular visitor activity, and conversion notifications. 

Key features:

- Real-time event tracking that shows a live stream of any action on your website, including purchases, demo registrations, email newsletter signups, and more. 

- ‘On Fire’ notifications that show how many people are taking action in a given period, for example, ‘47 people have bought these shoes in the last 24 hours’. This is great for leveraging FOMO (fear of missing out) on landing pages and checkouts. 

- Use smart targeting to show your social proof notifications to the right people at the right time, boosting conversions through advanced targeting rules and timing controls. 

- TrustPulses’ flexible design options mean that you can create attractive notifications that are designed to convert. Customise the message, colours, images, and more to match the look and feel of your Shopify store. 

TrustPulse works seamlessly with all of the popular website platforms, including Shopify, with a setup of less than 5 minutes - no code needed. It has all of the features and options you need, without any complicated settings to waste your time. 

Source: TrustPulse

Omnisend Shopify Mobile App

17 - Omnisend

Omnisend is a powerful marketing tool that allows Shopify stores to stay connected with their customers, enhancing their journey through multiple avenues of communication. 

You can use this app to make your Black Friday a success by utilising Omnisend’s email and SMS tools. You can use them to collect subscribers, reach your customers wherever they are, and keep them around. 

Building workflows with Omnisend is simple, quick, and easy as it’s a no-code mobile app, meaning you don’t need any coding knowledge to connect with your customers through elements such as abandoned cart messages, product updates, pop-ups, and chatbots. 

Key features:

- Save time with Omnisend’s pre-built workflow. All of the messages, subject lines, and workflow settings that you need are ready to use so that you can get up and running in minutes. Or, you have the option to build one from scratch that’s designed specifically for your online store. 

- Omnisend’s library of templates makes it easy to create professional, stunning emails without any coding. You can easily customise the emails to fit your brand, add products, and create dynamic discount codes, then save them as presets for your next campaigns.

- Track and learn what’s working best for your Shopify website from a bird’s eye view using Omnisend’s analytics and customer segmentation tools. From performance metrics to detailed campaign and automation reports, these actionable reporting tools make it easy to make data-backed growth decisions. 

Email and SMS marketing are powerful alone, but unbeatable together, which is why you should use Shopify apps such as Omnisend to refine your strategy.

Source: Omnisend

Sendlane Shopify Mobile App

18 - Sendlane 

Sendlane is a Shopify ecommerce marketing app that allows you to create winning campaigns fast with personalised email marketing. You can also automate your customer emails without losing that personal touch that creates lifetime shoppers. 

This means that you can spend less time building emails, and more time creating a customer experience that will drive your online store’s growth and sales. 

Key features:

- Retarget shoppers and recover sales with dynamic abandoned cart emails by using Sendlane’s personalised smart emails that automatically adapt content to each recipient. 

- Sendlane will send out your emails and messages when your contacts are most likely to open them. This is because the app’s built-in behaviour tracking analyses contact data to send campaigns at an optimised time unique to each subscriber. 

- Email, SMS, popup, and review features designed to help you maximise your Shopify store’s customer retention and boost its revenue.

With many more features, including deep-data integrations, multivariable segmentation, and real-time analytics, Sendlane is one of the best Shopify apps for having unified ecommerce marketing tools. 

Source: sendlane

InviteReferrals Shopify Mobile App

19 - InviteReferrals 

People are 4 times more likely to buy from a Shopify store when referred by a friend, and the lifetime value of a new referral customer is automatically 16% higher. 

InviteReferrals is a powerful yet simple-to-integrate referral software that helps to grow your business and acquire new customers through referral marketing. 

First, a customer will invite their friends through the referral program. Next, the friend will accept the invite and visit a website or install a mobile application. Finally, InviteReferrals will send a coupon or discount code to the referrer via email for driving a referral visit or install. 

Key features:

- Get detailed customer referral program analytics including invites filtered by referral channels. InviteReferrals tracks every step of the program, from shares and clicks to successful referral conversions. This way, you can identify the most influential referrers and track data at an individual customer level. 

- Your customers get a variety of fully customisable referral options to share the word about your brand, products, and offerings with their friends. This includes email, the major social media platforms, and SMS. 

- InviteReferrals works across all devices and platforms, with the widgets being able to automatically adapt themselves according to the platform, device, or marketing tool they are being used on.

InviteReferrals is a 360 referral software, which means that it comes with a complete strategy, design, and implementation, limiting the amount of time and energy that you have to spend on it. 

Source: InviteReferrals

Growave Shopify Mobile App

20 - Growave

Growave is an all-in-one Shopify marketing app with powerful tools for photo reviews, wish lists, loyalty programs, referrals, and UGC.

Its features allow you to reward your customers for every engagement at your store, which will build a lasting relationship with your customers and encourage repeat purchases. You can also collect and showcase photo reviews and UGC (user-generated content) on autopilot, and then display these reviews on Google search results to build strong social proof. 

Growave also helps Shopify stores overcome the challenge of high CAC (customer acquisition cost) by retaining and acquiring more customers through referral programs, which saves on ad spend. It’s also renowned for being a feature-rich app that does the job of several other apps, so that you don’t have to pay for each individually. 

Key features:

- Add the Wishlist widget and let shoppers save and share their favourite items right from product pages, collections, and homepages. Customers can create multiple lists through the wishlist tab. Use the demonstrated interest as an opportunity to make a sale by running personalised marketing campaigns to convert shoppers’ intent into sales.

- Automatically bring your Instagram feed into the direct view of your visitors by uploading photos from your Instagram account. You can also add both photo and video UGC featuring your products from Instagram through branded hashtags. This will add social proof to your Shopify store, leading to increased conversions. 

- Build your custom loyalty program and jump-start your retention campaign. Use this feature to reward each customer interaction with points, boost repeat sales, and increase customer lifetime value with progressive VIP tiers. 

All of these features work seamlessly together to effectively help you grow and transform your Shopify site into a sales-driving store. Growave is built exclusively for Shopify and provides extensive customisation options with any theme, no coding needed. 

Source: Growave

Loox Shopify Mobile App

21 - Loox

92% of consumers hesitate to buy from a website when customer reviews aren’t available. 

So with this increasing need for social proof in ecommerce, integrating photo reviews and user-generated content (UGC) Shopify apps like Loox can have a significant impact on your sales. 

You can learn more about UGC and the importance of social proof for your business in the article, The Power of User-generated Content (UGC) for Shopify Stores.

The aim of Loox is for your Shopify store to convert more with visual reviews. Photos and videos are one of the most powerful ways to capture attention and build deeper connections. Loox collects and displays beautiful visual reviews, so that you can instantly build trust and turn your visitors into loyal customers.

Key features:

- Use Loox to collect and highlight product reviews across all of the different stages of the buyer journey, and display these on pages such as your homepage. This will help you to boost the credibility of your brand.

- Engage your customers at the right time by choosing from a wide range of widgets, including on-site, post-purchase, and post-review referrals. By providing and presenting these different options to your buyers, you can encourage your happy customers to promote your brand. 

- Loox also integrates with the leading platforms and Shopify apps to enhance your customer experience, maximise reviews, and accelerate growth. This included some of the apps also featured in this article; Firepush, Omnisend, Klaviyo, and more.

With the Shopify app Loox, you can both generate and collect social proof that looks amazing, builds trust, and drives sales, all in one place. 

Source: Loox

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