3 Tips to Improve Your Shopify Store's SEO

3 Tips to Improve Your Shopify Store's SEO

Sometimes SEO can slip between the cracks when promoting your Shopify store.

Marketing tools like facebook ads, google ads, and organic social media are often more appealing, but can be costly.

On the other hand, SEO is often seen as ‘free’ marketing, helping you climb up search engine rankings, driving more traffic, customers, and eventually, sales just from writing, editing, and updating content.

So, here are 3 easy-to-implement SEO tips you can use right now to improve your Shopify store.

  1. Use Strong Backlinks

Backlinks are one of the most important and impactful aspects of a good SEO strategy.

Essentially, backlinks are just links from other websites that direct to your website, and they’re a key way that search engines determine the authority and popularity of your Shopify store.

An easy way to get more backlinks is to create free profiles on other websites, such as YouTube, Pinterest, Amazon, Instagram etc. and include your website link in your profiles.

If you’re knowledgeable in an area associated to your Shopify store’s products or services, another way to generate backlinks is to guest post on other people’s websites. Not only will this generate additional backlinks and traffic, but it’ll also improve your reputation.

  1. Use Alt Tags for Images

Alt tags are descriptions of images on your website. So, if you’re selling a blue phone case, you would write the alt tag as ‘dark blue phone case for Apple iPhone X’.

They were originally designed to improve accessibility, allowing customers with visual impairment to understand key images, but they can also help with SEO.

By using descriptive alt tags with relevant keywords, the chances of your product image showing when someone searches with those keywords increases.

  1. Don’t Use Duplicate Content

If you’re using any text that exactly replicates text from another person’s site, get rid of it.

Search engines hate it - because it thinks that you’re basically stealing content from someone else. Sure, you can take inspiration and craft information into your own words, but if you’ve directly copied and pasted content, you’re in trouble.

The issue with online store builders like Shopify is that standard content is often replicated for ease of use. Therefore, scanning your website to make sure that any and all content is completely original can have a huge impact on your SEO and your store’s ranking.

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