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9.3x More Sales | Airebil Apparel

Born during the pandemic in New Jersey, USA, Airebil Apparel started by selling on trend, ‘IT girl’ fashion through Instagram, but graduated to a...

9.3x More Sales | Airebil Apparel

The Stats

  • A consumer buys 9.3x more from Airebil Apparel’s mobile app than compared to their website
  • Their mobile app is now responsible for 46% of their sales despite only 10% of their total sessions.
  • Airebil had a 6.23% click through rate on their push notifications - 1.56% higher than industry average

The Brand

Born during the pandemic in New Jersey, USA, Airebil Apparel started by selling on trend, ‘IT girl’ fashion through Instagram, but graduated to a website soon after due to their quick growth.

Now, they’ve developed a strong reputation for making affordable, stylish clothing affordable in the U.S. and around the world.

The Problem

Following their explosion in 2021, Airebil Apparel experienced an unexpected year on year sales dip over the first half of 2022.

They needed to get back to their initial success - and better it.

The Solution

According to Statista, 89% of millennials in the U.S. would try a new brand if offered a discount or coupon, and with $431bn in mobile commerce sales in the U.S. alone, the path ahead was clear.

Using StoreLab, they attracted new customers by offering a small inducement for first-time downloaders of their brand-new mobile app, and then used push notifications to drive customer retention to new heights.

The Results

Our Account Manager worked closely with Airebil Apparel to understand both the brand and the messages that have resonated with her consumers in the past, making a reliable foundation from which to build from.

The results were incredible:

  • A consumer is now 9.3x more likely to purchase a product through their mobile app than their webstore
  • The Airebil Apparel mobile app is responsible for 46% of their overall sales despite only 10% of their total sessions
  • Their mobile push notifications had a click through rate of 6.23% against an industry average of 4.67%

The results highlight one of StoreLab’s foundational beliefs; push notifications, when used correctly, are the most effective marketing channel in the world.

The Review

“I love the StoreLab! Their team is great.

They were all very helpful with the app installation process. Our app is now up and running with Apple & Google Play and my customers are loving it. Everyone on the team is so hands on from the technical support, push notifications & ads!

I am happy to say that last month they were responsible for 4.5% of our online sessions and 52% of our monthly revenue.

I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to launch an easy to use app for their customers.”

- Edbia, Founder of Airebil Apparel
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