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5 Reasons Why You Need a Mobile Shopping App

You didn’t end up on this page by accident. You’re a discerning business owner who makes strong, informed decisions based on hard data and...

5 Reasons Why You Need a Mobile Shopping App

You didn’t end up on this page by accident. You’re a discerning business owner who makes strong, informed decisions based on hard data and compelling arguments. We like that about you. You’re here because you’ve noticed so many of your competitors are launching their own apps, and you’re wondering what secrets they’re all in on that you’ve missed.

The following list is chock-full of ways that your own mobile app can help save you from stagnant sales growth and free up your precious time to make even more amazing decisions (or finally, take a much-needed lie-in, we won’t judge).

1. A mobile app improves retention

You sell a great product, and your marketing is impeccable. You reach customers and you make sales. Amazing work. That’s literally how all this is supposed to go. But how do you reach them again? How do you get a customer to spend more on their first purchase?

It’s actually pretty simple: People want faster loading times and a simple checkout experience. No one wants to add another item to their cart if it takes a millennium to load another page. Mobile apps load SIX TIMES faster than web browsers since your data is already locked in, and there’s no need to wait around. Statistics show that you lose 7% of your potential conversions every single second someone spends shopping! Chop that time down to a sliver, and don’t leave the customer any time for second-guessing.

You’ll also struggle to get return business if your newsletters are battling through email inboxes stuffed with offers from your competitors. Using push notifications, unique to your own app, is a great way to see immediate conversion. Seventy per cent of people who enable push notifications from brands find them useful, and four out of five users say they’d like more personalised content.

2. Better return on investments

You haven’t slept more than 3 hours a night since your business began. You’re a miracle, powered by determination and red-eye espresso. Want some of that time back? Stop over-analysing data. Get an app to do all of this for you and automatically improve the user experience.

You can track customer behaviour and preferences, and use that data to inform your marketing decisions. The more you know about your customers, the better you can serve them – and improve your chances of conversion.

Also, no judgments, but why are you spending so much money on SMS? Don’t get us wrong, it’s an effective method, but the expense scales as your audience increases. Every successful conversion is hurt by spending money to get it, and every failed attempt is a waste of energy. Push notifications from your app, on the other hand, are totally free whether you’re sending them to a county or the whole country. What’s more, SMS messages have an open rate of only 45%. Email is slightly higher with around 50-60%, according to Convince and Convert. But here’s where things get really interesting: the average open rate for push notifications is 90%!

3. To make more conversions

Pretend you’ve got a few spare moments before an important meeting. You’re doing some online shopping. You faff around with reentering your password and filling in the address information again, making sure you enter the right credit card details. It takes ages, and you don’t complete the order before the investors walk in. Afterwards, you’re so happy that you go out to celebrate. Do you ever finish the order? Do you just forget about it?

You aren’t alone! The data says if a page takes more than three seconds to load, 53% of consumers will just leave. Get an app instead -  it loads quickly, remembers all of these details and is over and done with enough time left to give your tie a straighten.

4. To easily turn mobile traffic into mobile orders

Let’s say your marketing’s all going good. The social numbers are going up; you’ve cracked the right clickbait titles on your emails. People are definitely looking at your shop!

Hang on. Why aren’t they buying anything? Oh no…

Here’s our advice: Make your app a unique VIP experience. Make your customers feel like they’re entering into an exclusive community with time-limited offers and first-in-the-world news of special drops. You can also use targeted push notifications to let people know about a sale on their favourite items, or that you’ve restocked a limited edition product.

You should also take a look at the layout of your app. The average attention span is shorter than that of a goldfish, so it’s important that visitors can see what they want, when they want it. We’re not saying to use massive fonts and big bold images (although that does work for some brands), but a well-designed app will guide the user’s eye to the right places.

Make sure your calls to action are clear, and that there aren’t too many steps between an item being in the basket and being paid for. If a customer has to enter their email address, password, shipping information, and credit card details every time they want to buy something, they’ll just get frustrated and leave.

Push notifications from your app are a great way to improve customer engagement and conversions. By making your app a unique VIP experience, you can make your customers feel valued and appreciated, and increase loyalty. By using targeted push notifications, you can guide customer behaviour and nudge them in the direction of conversion.

5. What about future-proofing your marketing?

Here’s a freebie from us: Diversify your sources of traffic as much as possible. You don’t know when something you rely on will change for the worse. We’ve all seen algorithms change to suddenly only reward weird unexplained behaviour. You need to make sure all your eggs aren’t kept in the same basket.

Get a customer to download your app, and it’s a direct way to reach them without being at the whim of another service changing things up on you. Or going down, like it's happened with a few social media channels over the years.

With a mobile app, you can reach your customers through push notifications, in-app messages, or even just by being a convenient shortcut on their home screen. No matter what changes in the world of marketing, you’ll always have a way to get in touch with your best customers.

Is any of this striking a chord? Want to set up a simple-to-navigate, quick as a panther mobile app with rapid support from designers with years of experience? Book a demo from StoreLab today and we’ll show you why everyone who’s anyone in e-commerce is doing the same.

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