Increase your Black Friday sales with push notifications

Increase your Black Friday sales with push notifications

Push notifications are a powerful marketing tool all year round, but they are incredibly effective in boosting sales during Black Friday. It's the most lucrative season for retail. In 2021, global online sales hit an all-time high of $275 billion during Black Friday and Cyber Week, according to Salesforce. So, that is a period in that not only are people ready to splurge, but they are also already browsing online with their phones. Everyone knows it's the best opportunity to snatch bargains and benefit from hefty discounts. 

Keep in mind that customers already know your brand, as they've downloaded your app. So the acquisition part of the journey is halfway done. But every other store also bombards them with email marketing and SMS messages. With push notifications, you can leverage their online presence by sending messages to entice them to shop with you. Push notifications are particularly efficient because they appear directly on the user's phone screen, whether the app is open or not. However, in such a competitive market, the messages should be strategic to grab the potential shopper's attention immediately. We've created a guide to help you through your push notifications BFCM campaign so that you can make the most of the best sales season of the year.

How can push notifications help increase Black Friday sales?

Push notifications couldn't be more crucial for Black Friday and Cyber Week. As sales and promotions are time-bound, it is vital to let your customers know about them as soon as they go live - and they have a window of time to save money. 

The messages can have direct links to a product or collection, making it super easy for the clients to find what's being offered with a lower price tag. You can add discount codes directly on the message instead of making your customer look for them online or amongst dozens of emails they will undoubtedly receive that week. This year, advertising discounts massively will be significant: according to McKinsey & Company, US customers are ready to splurge - but looking for bargains and deals. 

What are some tips for using push notifications effectively on Black Friday?

During BFCM, the most important thing to keep in mind is the timing of when push notifications are sent. The messages remind shoppers that the sale will not be live for long, bringing a sense of urgency and tapping into the fear of missing out (FOMO).

Keep your messages short and to the point for remarkable results and a high click-through rate. You should aim for less than 15 words so the complete message appears on the phone screen. The header is where the most enticing words should appear. The most important information to add is how much discount is being offered and for how long. 

You may have an idea of how powerful push notifications are during Black Friday and Cyber Week. However, your marketing efforts should start before those dates and continue afterwards. Before the sale starts, you can begin teasing potential customers in the days leading to it. For instance, it works to inform them about what they should expect, possibly hinting that an exciting new product will be released then.

Once the sale is live, it is time to start pushing. Reminding customers that the promotions are valid for a short time is essential.

Try to avoid being spammy; the risk is that users may block the notifications or even delete the app. Thus, reach out to them when the deal is really unmissable. For example, it is effective to send messages when a product price drops or is lower in stock.  

Before the sale ends, it is useful to send a new message to emphasise that there are only a few hours left to take advantage of the discounts. This can lead shoppers to complete their purchases. Use power words like "final call", "last chance", and "ends today". Doing so can help avoid cart abandonment - seven out of 10 customers add items to their cart and don't go all the way through to checkout! 

Some rules for push notifications work throughout the year, for example:

  1. Timing - choose the right time to send the messages so as many people see them as possible. This depends on your industry and target audience. 
  2. Keep it relevant - ensure your messages are relevant to your customers. As mentioned, they will be bombarded with both online and physical stores ads, so you want to keep them interested.
  3. Use images and videos - that's one of the most remarkable features of push notifications. Imagery makes the messages more engaging.

Examples of push notifications for holiday season sales:

Using power words is mandatory. Emojis are a good touch and help with open and click-through rates.

As examples of keywords, we have: buy, now, deal, free, exclusive, top. The ones conveying urgency and scarcity work wonders: final call, ends today, XX hours only.

1. "It's that time of year again! Get ready for amazing Black Friday deals on (your product)."

2. "Grab (the product) before it sells out!"

3. "Up to 40% OFF. Ends at midnight!"

4. "Buy one, get one free. Use code BOGO"

5. "Check out and guarantee the best deal"

Why push notifications are a must on Black Friday

The season is great for retailers. A lot of work, but the wins can be great as well. Marketing during such a busy period is a more complex task. Still, with a bit of planning and the invaluable help of push notifications, you can encourage customers to take advantage of special deals and promotions. 

Do you want to learn more about push notifications and the benefits they can bring to your online store? It may be time for your to launch your own mobile app. We offer free and unlimited push notifications with our services packages. Contact us today and start benefiting from the power of push.