Upgrade Alert! New StoreLab Features Have Arrived

We have some exciting news to share: StoreLab has just released a new app update packed with awesome new features and tools that will make your...

Upgrade Alert! New StoreLab Features Have Arrived

We have some exciting news to share: StoreLab has just released a new app update packed with awesome new features and tools that will make your online store prettier and easier to navigate.

So what's new? Grouped collections, filters, integrations and much more! Look at all of the freshly launched features and integrations below and start enriching your online store now.

Grouped collections

Collections are a great way to showcase your products in a more organised way. Not only do they help your customers find what they are looking for more quickly, but they also make your store look more put-together and professional. We present you with the perfect tool to create stunning collections.

With StoreLab's new grouping feature, creating collections has never been easier. The new tool is an easy-to-use, fast and beautiful way of setting up gorgeous groups of products. Putting items together brings a pleasant sense of cohesion and a spot-on visual. 

They are also excellent for a marketing strategy. Launching a line of products? Just organise the new items together and make them easier for your customers to browse the gallery. Collections are ideal for helping promote sales or special offers and highlighting new products or seasonal items. Creating sets of objects with a common theme can also help you cross-sell and upsell products in your store. 


We know every customer is different, so we've added filters to our app. This way, your customers can easily find the products that match their specific needs and preferences.

For example, let's say you sell clothes and accessories. A customer who is looking for a new dress might want to filter by colour, size or occasion. Or, if they are looking for a new pair of shoes, they might like to filter by brand, type or colour. 

The possibilities are endless! You have complete control over how to set up these filters in a way that makes sense for your business and industry. 

The filter tool is an excellent way to improve the customer experience in your store and make it more user-friendly. Using it, customers can quickly locate the items they are interested in without having to scroll through pages and pages of products. Your customers will be able to find exactly what they are looking for – quickly and easily. 

Design Theme Settings

Do you want to see how your app will look after you make design changes? We've got you! With this improved setting, the design preview is even more accurate. Simply put together the changes in the settings panel and check the results in the preview! This way, you can tweak your app's design to perfection without worrying about how it will look on the final version.

With a variety of fonts, corner styles (rounded or square), colour palettes, and themes to choose from, you can create a truly unique and personalised mobile experience for your customers. Transform the look of your app with ease and bring your vision to life with beautiful, flawless designs. 


With StoreLab, you can effortlessly integrate your store with popular apps and services, customising your shop to perfectly suit your needs. Our Shopify integration programme provides a consistent and enjoyable customer experience across all devices.

As we've already covered before, reviews are crucial for online stores, and that's why we now integrate with You can collect customer feedback and reviews, ensuring that your store always has the latest social proof.

We're also integrated with the Terms and Conditions Checkbox by Effective Apps, so you can keep your store compliant with the latest regulations. 

We won't stop there! We're constantly adding new and exciting integrations to help you run your store smoothly and efficiently. Need that perfect integration your clients absolutely love? Just let us know what you're looking for, and we'll have it all sorted out. 

Mobile App Banner

Let's say a potential customer is browsing your mobile store, but you want them to use your app instead. We can automatically inject a mobile app banner onto your website to direct users to the App Store.

This simple yet effective banner invites customers to install your app and even reminds them to open it if they already have it! It's a great way to boost customer engagement and bring them back to the app, where conversion rates are higher.

Currently available for iOS only, it will soon be available for Android devices as well, so you can reach an even wider audience.

Video Posters 

With just a few clicks, you can select the perfect placeholder for your videos, which are still images that are shown to the user before a video has finished loading. Video Posters are a great way to improve the video experience on a mobile device.

With a video placeholder, you choose the most enticing and representative image to show to your customers before a video has even started playing.


Media Library

With this new feature, you can select an image or video uploaded previously and re-use it in different areas of your app.

Save time by not having to search for the right image or video. With the Media Library, all your image and video content is stored in one place and can be easily located.

Save time by not having to search for the right image or video. Spend even less time on design and feel like a creative genius by using assets you already have! This way, you can keep your app looking fresh without spending hours uploading new content. 

All this and no code!

We've shown you all that is new, but do you want to know what is fantastic? You still don't have to write a single line of code to utilise any of the features and settings above. It's all on the same interface you're already familiar with.     

We can't wait to see the magical things you will do with the 1.3.0 version of our app, and we hope you like it! Oh, you still don't have your own native mobile app? Look no further - message us or start your free trial, and we will assist you in launching your app in no time.

Plenty more cutting-edge features and improvements are coming soon. Sign up to our newsletter using the button below to stay up to date with all of our updates.

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