What is a no-code app builder - and how can it help your online store go mobile

What is a no-code app builder - and how can it help your online store go mobile

A no-code app builder is a platform that allows users to create mobile applications without any coding or programming knowledge. It’s a modern and innovative tool for those that want to go mobile but don’t have the resources or expertise to develop a native app from scratch.

With an easy-to-use visual editor, these platforms make it uncomplicated to build and launch iOS, Android and web apps.

No-code app builders often require no upfront investment and offer a cost-effective way to develop and launch a mobile app.

It seems impressive, but how exactly does that work?

Every platform can have different resources and features, depending on the industry they’re aimed at. But they all have the same intent and purpose: to allow any person to build their mobile app, even if they don’t have any coding skills or experience.

The user only sees a clean and straightforward interface, usually with drag-and-drop features, templates, pre-built components and more.

This doesn’t mean there is no coding involved! Thousands of lines of code are already built into the platform, but the coding is invisible to the user, who doesn’t need to make any changes to it. The only task is to use the available tools to design the app, choosing colours, fonts, and templates.

What’s best, you can make these design choices as you wish; for example, changing the look of your app when releasing a new collection or making it festive on a special holiday. For example, if you want to add a banner advertising a new product or an offer, you only need to drag and drop that element directly on the interface. As you make these changes in the platform, they automatically appear in the visual preview, allowing you to envision what the final user will see. What you need to have in mind is how your app will look like. All the coding required for the app is already running in the background.

Once you have created your app using the no-code builder, it can be published to app stores with just a few clicks.

What are the benefits of using a no-code app builder?

The main benefit of using a no-code app builder is that it greatly reduces the amount of time and resources needed to develop and launch a mobile application. In most cases, you can create a fully functional app in just a few hours without having to hire a developer (or learn how to code yourself!). No-code app builders are also often much easier to use than traditional coding platforms, making them a good choice for businesses that do not have dedicated IT staff.

This leads to another significant advantage: using no-code app builders is hugely cost-effective, being affordable for both individuals and companies looking for expansion. According to Microsoft, “no-code app builders can reduce the cost by up to 74 per cent.” If before only large enterprises could afford to have their own mobile apps, these user-friendly platforms made it possible for businesses of all sizes to go mobile without breaking the bank.

Speaking of cost, it is common practice for service providers to charge a monthly premium, i.e., there is no need to disburse an upfront payment. That way, you can test the idea without making a significant investment. Some platforms even offer free trials to try the platform without committing. This will allow you to get a feel for how easy the platform is to use and whether it has all the features you need.

Some of the benefits of using a no-code app builder include the following:

- Reduced development time and costs

- Easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface

- Wide range of built-in features and templates

- No need for coding knowledge or experience

- Good choice for businesses without dedicated IT staff

This makes no-code app builders an ideal solution for businesses that want to develop a mobile app quickly and without any hassle.

StoreLab Mobile app builder platform showing the drag and drop interface and an app preview
Just drag and drop: no-code app builders, like StoreLab, are easy and intuitive to use. With live preview, it is possible to see how the app will look like before publishing it

How to choose the best platform?

There are several different no-code app builders on the market, so it is vital to choose one that meets the specific needs of your business. First and foremost, ensure that the provider offers the features and functionalities you need. Some platforms specialise in gaming apps or business process automation, for example. At StoreLab, our focus is on e-commerce. When selecting a provider, you should consider the platform’s ease of use, features, price, and support options.

Like any company’s investment, price is a significant point to take into account when picking up a provider. Most platforms have different packages, each one providing various services and features. It is paramount to evaluate if any required services are hidden behind a paywall, like the frequency or the number of push notifications that you can send. Also, suppose the platform charges a percentage of the app revenue. In that case, whether it is sales, subscriptions, or any other form of payment, it is a must to work out if the return on investment is really cost-effective.

Lastly, take some time to read online reviews and compare different platforms. This will give you a good idea of what other users think of the various app builders on the market. Reading reviews is very useful for getting an idea of what the whole experience is like, especially when it comes to customer service support.

How can you get started with a no-code app builder?

As we mentioned earlier, most no-code app builders come with a free trial period. Once you have selected a no-code app builder that meets the specific needs of your business, you can sign up for the trial and begin creating your app. Some platforms offer templates and tutorials to help you get started. Others go even further, providing an implementation specialist to guide you through the whole process.

E-commerce and no-code apps

The e-commerce landscape is constantly evolving, and businesses must adopt innovative technologies to stay ahead of the competition. Mobile apps have become essential to doing business in the digital age.

A mobile app for your e-commerce increases retention, converts more than mobile sites, and provides customers with a seamless shopping experience. Not to mention the power of push notifications, messages sent directly to users’ smartphones - a whole new marketing channel available to your brand.

It is effortless to transform a Shopify store into a mobile app. There is no need to re-upload all products, lists, or categories. The data that already populates your store, including pricing, syncs with the app builder automatically. Then all that is needed is to customise the app’s design, following the brand guidelines, like colours, fonts and logo.

In no time, the app will be ready to go live, offering your customers a new and improved way to shop.

If you are running an e-commerce store, then developing a mobile app should be high on your list of priorities. A no-code app builder is a perfect solution to enter the mobile space quickly and effectively.

What’s the difference between no code and low code?

No-code platforms are designed for users with no coding experience, while low-code platforms are aimed at users with some coding knowledge. Low-code platforms typically provide more flexibility and customisability than no-code platforms, but they also require more time and effort to use.

For non-techy users, it would undoubtedly be more challenging to set up. This is because low-code typically offers more customisation options, which can take longer to learn and use. In addition, they often allow users to write code snippets to customise their apps further.


If you want to develop a mobile application for your business but do not have the time or resources to do so from scratch, then a no-code app builder is the answer. These platforms provide a quick and easy way to create a professional-looking app without any prior coding experience. Simply select a template, customise the design, and your app will be ready to go live.

Building a mobile app for your business doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. With StoreLab, you can create a fantastic app for your e-commerce store without fuss. We offer a 60-day free trial, so you can see how effortless it is to launch an app for your brand. Start now!