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What Push Notifications Should You Send?

Congratulations! Your app is finished, and you’re finally able to send Push Notifications. You’re ready to see a 3x improvement on conversions...

What Push Notifications Should You Send?

Congratulations! Your app is finished, and you’re finally able to send Push Notifications. You’re ready to see a 3x improvement on conversions compared to SMS, but what kind of messages should you be sending? What’s important to your audience? What cool secrets might you not know about? The following points are a little bit of direction to help inspire you.


Get the word out there! If you are running a reduced price on an item, you’ll increase sales, but people can’t buy your product if they don’t know about it. Push Notifications are a great way to spread the word – you can even link directly to the collection you’re putting on offer to speed up your conversions even further.

Unique Offer Codes

Ensure everyone knows what great benefits are available in-app only. If you’re running a sale and it’s only accessible to people who’ve downloaded your app, it incentivises more downloads. With StoreApp, any Push Notification coupon codes are stored in the clipboard, making it easier to paste them at checkout, generating even more sales!

New Products

Have you got a new range ready to drop? A Push Notification might be the first and only way your audience discovers this information. Let them know ASAP with some pushing! Combine with the previous two steps for an even more effective launch campaign that will make sure everyone knows about all of those awesome products coming from you soon enough.

Abandoned Cart Reminders

Customers can be halfway through an order and then get distracted. It happens. It’s a sign that they liked your product, but something stopped them in the middle of buying it. Maybe they just need a little nudge to remind them to check out. The price could’ve been a concern – bring the customer back to your app with a limited-time discount as an incentive. You can achieve both of these with Push Notifications!

Holiday Prompts

Take a look at the calendar and check if there are any significant events on the way. Schedule a Push Notification for relevant collections, and do it with enough time to account for shipping. Make sure to send up follow-up reminders on the day, too! Your customers may realise they don’t have anything ordered and frantically purchase the easiest option presented to them!


If people haven’t interacted with your app for a while, it might be time to reach out to them. You could send them a message asking if they need any help, or letting them know about some great new products. If you can get them back into the app, there’s a chance you can get them back as a customer.

There are tons of reasons to send Push Notifications, and we hope this gives you some ideas. The most important thing is to make sure whatever message you’re sending is relevant to your audience. No one likes feeling spammed, so keep it short, sweet, and to the point!

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