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How Do I Get App Downloads?

You did it! You have an awesome app, and you’re going to do great things with it. Your sales will massively increase thanks to the power of Push...

How Do I Get App Downloads?

You did it! You have an awesome app, and you’re going to do great things with it. Your sales will massively increase thanks to the power of Push Notifications, automatically filled payment details for return customers and lightning-fast browsing speed. In order to experience that success, though, first, people need to actually download your app! Thankfully, it’s pretty simple to get the word out - and having an app now provides new ways of increasing your reach on entirely new platforms. Not only does it advertise itself, but it’s also an extension of your existing brand presence!

Explore your existing marketing channels

Fold news about your app into your current marketing channels, whether that’s social media, newsletters or any other bold method of getting the word out there. When linking a product, you could directly take the customer to its page, but it is worth following with a link and a Call-to-Action, such as “Download the App”. And as social media is all about images, design unique assets showing off how cool and effortless it is to use your new app!

Offer Codes

People love getting special deals. Offer an exclusive in-app bargain to new subscribers, like discount codes or free shipping, and watch the downloads climb up the charts. With StoreLab, you have the ability to add automatically copied codes onto your footer page. You can also send out a Push Notification (and make sales) by connecting with those who have downloaded the app before - it’s all about engaging customers now more than ever.

Unique Products / First Access

Make your app feel exclusive. For instance, you can launch a new collection and showcase it first on the app for a limited time. If you’re feeling particularly bold, entirely restrict sales to app users. If people really want this product, then FOMO (the fear of missing out) might kick in and make downloading an application worth it just so they can get their hands (and eyes) on something new!

Alternatively, why not include a code for unique pack-in products with every delivery, but only available through the app?

Good Icon

You’ll want to make sure that when potential customers are looking on their mobile for apps in the App Store and Google Play, your icon is distinct so you can get noticed. It’s a great way of putting your logo to use! At the same time, it doesn’t hurt if it is similar enough to other popular things so that people understand intuitively what your app does.

Store Optimisation

Want to make your app stand out in the Store? Good keywording and striking imagery are crucial. The StoreLab assistants can offer a hand with this, making bespoke imagery and putting our collective knowledge together to best brand your app. We’ve got plenty of ideas up our sleeves (and creativity throughout). Get in touch if you’d like to discuss potential options with us.

Demo Video

How does your app work? What does it do? Take a little video of how simple it is to scroll through and share it on your existing social channels. You could even process an entire order from start to finish and brag about how quick and easy the process is compared to browser-based stores.

Encourage Reviews

More reviews mean better placement in App Storefronts. If you use your existing social channels and newsletters to encourage customers to leave reviews, many will submit them with no hesitation. You can even further incentivise them by offering a prize to a lucky reviewer selected at random – what are they waiting for?

Get some publicity

Sure – easier said than done, but don’t rule it out! It’s a brilliant option available to you. Do something interesting, fresh and exciting that people want to talk about. Make sure there are ample reference opportunities to bring out your app throughout.

So there you have it – a few tips on how to increase app downloads for your store. Keep in mind that an app can offer great value not just by increasing sales, but also by providing a better shopping experience for your customers.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your business, contact us to learn how StoreLab can help you - and watch your profits soar.

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